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50% drops predicted for UK property

The Guardian newspaper writes “Traders predict house prices will fall by 50% in 4 years“. This includes 8% drop over the last few months and is in real terms (using RPI of 4% for adjustment). Traders predict approximately 10% drop in prices year on year for 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 with rock bottom occurring in 2011.

The IMF has been stating in it’s World Economic Outlook that Australian property prices are the world’s 4th most overvalued just behind the UK. This should be taken as a strong indicator for those of us here in Australia.

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MacTax – Mac prices in the UK

I would really like to try a Mac as my next computer. I’ve been meaning to ever since they went UNIX 😀 . Haven’t decided yet between a MacBook, MacBook Pro or iMac. However, I keep coming back to the pricing … particularly here the UK and I hear it’s the same throughout Europe.

A basic spec 15″ MacBook Pro is £1,300 in the UK and only $2,000 in the US…
Almost 600USD more expensive 😦

The standard iMac 24″ is £1,350 in the UK and only $2,000 in the US…
Almost 700USD more expensive 😦

Where does the MacTax go?

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