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Certified ScrumMaster

August 29, 2008 Leave a comment

I finally got around to doing the Scrum course and became a CSM :). Many thanks to Jens Østergaard of for making it a good two days.

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Feature teams

I am glad to see InfoQ have posted a writeup about scaling agile teams using feature teams rather than component teams. This includes a downloadable chapter in the latest book by Craig Larman on the subject. We used to call this working vertically or horizontally. It has also been called cross-functional teams. I have always preferred to work vertically for the following reasons:

  • Less people needed to reach a consensus about interfaces between layers of the application.
  • It helps to give you the big picture of the application which is something that most of us developers strive to see.

Wishing for Scrum

March 16, 2007 1 comment

My current client is running our project as a heavy RUP process 😦 . Big design up front with Rose UML diagrams, tedious and restrictive coding standard, manual code review Word documents and ClearCase LT 2003 with mandatory reserved locking. I find myself
Googling Agile and Scrum much more often lately 🙂 . It’s even got me thinking that I should take the Certified Scrum Master training (or at least attend a free talk coming up at SkillsMatter).

A quick start article I found is called Begin Using Scrum

I’m also a little concerned that Scrum Alliance are too inflexible after reading “When is Scrum not Scrum?”. So perhaps formal training is not the way to go…

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