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SAP’s innovation drivers

Here is an interest article from sdtimes about SAP’s 7 Drivers of Development Innovation.

To summarize:

  1. Interview users for requirements, not executives
  2. Ensure you have an application layer separate from your UI (sometimes called Service Layer)
  3. SaaS works. i.e. hosted software works
  4. Use in-memory databases
  5. Speed matters
  6. Don’t focus on UI glitz
  7. SOA will accelerate software development

I’m not entirely convinced about point 7 but the other points are certainly sound.

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Give it a REST

January 30, 2007 Leave a comment

WS-* v REST, the wars continue ;). A short article by Larry O’Brien explains why REST+POX beats WS-* for SOA.

SOA: Shift to success

April 27, 2006 Leave a comment

I just watched the online presentation “SOA: Shift to success” (available from Sun’s SOA site). It made my stomach churn :).

It claims to offer a talk on the “latest SOA trends, architectural strategies and benefits” but really all you will learn is the latest marketese in the SOA space. It’s pretty clear how Sun thinks about SOA as the link from the presentation,, redirects to So click there and purchase yourself a SOA today ;).

Some highlights were: “almost zero code applications” (with no discussion of ifs and buts), “composite applications” (just another name for component applications) and it’s all going to be pragmatic and open source (but for some reason you can only download a free trial).