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Ubuntu Breezy under VMware Player

December 7, 2005 Leave a comment

I tried the following instructions for getting Ubuntu working on VMwware Player

Instructions are for Ubuntu Hoary but worked fine for me. I installed this at work under Windows XP. Now I enjoy Linux goodness on the desktop at work :-). Hopefully this will annoy desktop support services a bit less than me repartitioning the disk and installing Ubuntu directy on the hardware. The downside is that it’s a bit sluggish. I haven’t tried Eclipse yet – still using my Windows version. The upside is that I can still read my Outlook based email and doing event/calendaring there and also access IE only intranet and Windows/IE only software like Mecury TestDirector.

Note that in order to install VMware toolbox to get copy/paste between host and guest working I have since installed a evaluation version of VMware workstation 5.5. Use the following instructions to get VMware toolbox installed.

Now that the tools are installed I should be able to go back to the free VMware Player – however I haven’t tried it yet!

All take a look at In fact take a look at the whole site

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Ubuntu on Inspiron 9300

November 13, 2005 Leave a comment

I’ve just been trying out the Live CD of Unbuntu 5.10 this afternoon… and into the evening. I’m really impressed. I’m *posting* this from my first boot into the live cd! It recognised my hardware very well – the paritions from my external USB drive were mounted, sound card worked, graphics card worked, wireless usb mouse works, touchpad works. Excellent! Just no wireless networking :-(. To get wireless networking working I had to ‘modprobe ipw2200’ and configure the wireless network: ‘ipwconfig eth1 essid ‘ & ‘ipwconfig eth1 key ‘, and lastly ‘dhclient’ to request an ip address. You can ‘sudo’ to execute root commands or simply reset the root password via sudo “sudo passwd” and then “su -“.

I changed the Gnome theme to Clearlooks which I reckon is much nicer that the default Unbuntu theme which is very brown! I’m only on the live cd but I did try installing things – Eclipse, k3b, Gnome desklets, Gmail notifier (and heaps of other stuff). The “Applications->Add Applications” menu item makes me want to set my Dad up with this distro. Dad has enjoyed Debian in the past but installing software was painful – this is a breeze.

I wish I was able to eject the live cd in order to test DVD playback but I guess I have to go for a full install for that. I may just be replacing Gentoo after only just getting it up-to-date after behind behind the times for afew months.

A feature I really miss in the default window manager (metacity) is maximising vertically. I used to use this all the time when I was using another window manager (WindowMaker or Sawmill – can’t remember which). Well, I discovered you can bind a key to do this with metacity. In Unbuntu, go to “System->Preferences->Keyboard Shortcuts”. Looks for “Maximize window vertically” and and associate a key. I used ‘ F11’ which I had seen mentioned on the forums. I only wish I knew how to add this to the window menu cause that’s where I’m used to using it…

Some useful resources:

Getting MP3 players, DVD players, Macromedia Flash, Java and other “restricted” non-free stuff going

Unbuntu starter guide
Seems like a more up-to-date version of this is available on the live cd and presumably with a regular install. Just click on the ‘Help (get help with Gnome)’ icon or choose System->Help and then click ‘Unbuntu 5.10 Starter Guide’.

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Fonts on Gentoo

February 21, 2005 Leave a comment

Finally got my fonts sorted out on Gentoo. All the info is in the Gentoo Xorg fonts HOWTO.

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RealPlayer10 on Linux

August 30, 2004 Leave a comment

I was recently having trouble with sound and RealPlayer10 on Linux. It turns out that RealPlayer10 (and Helix Player) only support the older OSS sound drivers (rather than the newer ALSA drivers). I was on 2.6.6. I downloaded and this time only compiled the OSS drivers and not the ALSA ones. Be aware that you should not (perhaps cannot) load both OSS and ALSA drivers.

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Neverwinter Nights on Linux

August 9, 2004 Leave a comment

For anyone wanting to get nwn going on Linux will find this a useful resource. In case you miss the important links:

A GUI nwn installer which looks cool.

Getting the Bink movies to play in-game.

Blink player for Linux

Getting the toolset to work on Linux under Wine

I’ve been thinking about changing over from Debian to Gentoo. I noticed that Gentoo has a nwn ebuild.

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