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Bzr uniqueness + Git

August 2, 2009 Leave a comment

The unique thing about Bzr (compared with say Mercurial) seems to be that the community has developed tools for some common workflows.

I’m still using Mercurial for my personal files at home. Since I use Linux as my primary development platform, Git is getting the upper hand for me. I’ll have to give hg2git a try (this will give me the opportunity to finally prune my /Photos directory). The git-svn support is useful when clients are using SVN and you want to work from your laptop. Also the GitHub is pretty cool. I’ve only played around with it but it has paid accounts that could be used for off-site backup and for possibly for source code delivery to clients. I hear that Git works great on Mac but last I heard the support on Windows was still lacking. Git works in cygwin with a native port on the way. I haven’t used Windows for development for a while but always used to install cygwin when I did. However, that’s not necessarily a great solution for regular Windows/.NET guys. If I was doing a .NET project, I’d probably stick with Subversion – git-svn is always there for disconnected development.

I wonder if there are bzr style workflow solutions for Git…

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