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MacTax – Mac prices in the UK

I would really like to try a Mac as my next computer. I’ve been meaning to ever since they went UNIX 😀 . Haven’t decided yet between a MacBook, MacBook Pro or iMac. However, I keep coming back to the pricing … particularly here the UK and I hear it’s the same throughout Europe.

A basic spec 15″ MacBook Pro is £1,300 in the UK and only $2,000 in the US…
Almost 600USD more expensive 😦

The standard iMac 24″ is £1,350 in the UK and only $2,000 in the US…
Almost 700USD more expensive 😦

Where does the MacTax go?

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Exceptions – checked or not?

The Java Posse #127 podcast talks about the possibility of removing checked exceptions from the Java language. The JavaPosse folks seem to universally like them. No one knew what Scala did with respect to checked exceptions. Turns out that it does not have them!

3.3. Why are there no throws annotations on methods, unlike in Java?

Compile-time checking of exceptions sounds good in theory, but in practice has not worked well. Programmers tend to write catch clauses that catch too many exceptions, thus swallowing exceptions and decreasing reliability.

If you haven’t seen the Scala language yet, check Martin Odersky’s Google Techtalk.

I tend to avoid checked exceptions. This is the way that the Spring folks have gone and – of course – Anders Hejlsberg. Anders did a great job designing the C# language.

I’m still digging into an article on dev2dev which promotes checked exceptions and points out that that the times they get annoying is where the Java API was poorly designed. For me this still points that checked exceptions are a experimental language feature perhaps best left out of industry programming languages for now.

DSCM: Mercurial or Bazaar?

June 11, 2007 4 comments

I just recently switched over to using Mercurial for all SCM needs. I figured that the Mercurial team had solved the rename problem by now. However, I just noticed Mark Shuttleworth’s entry on the topic. It seems Bazaar could still be in the running as the DSCM of choice. However with Sun choosing it for OpenSolaris and now OpenJDK it kinda becomes inevitable for Java developer to go with Mercurial. After all, Mercurial has Eclipse and Netbeans plugins. But then again, I love to restructure my tree… Then again I don’t merge with anyone right now ;).

Why MoinMoin chose Mercurial

Why OpenSolaris chose Mercurial (GIT and Bazaar being the other finalists)

Why Mozilla chose Mercurial – Bazaar and Mercurial were the final 2

On the whole, it seems that GIT lacks the win32 support and is a bit weird in that it doesn’t explicit track renames and guesses about them. Bazaar has some performance issues but otherwise is a good candidate. Mercurial does copy+delete renames but otherwise has great performance, portability and usability.

I’m happy with my choice of Mercurial but Bazaar will be the one to watch as they work towards 1.0 focusing on performance and documentation improvements.

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