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Ruby on .NET?

December 7, 2005 Leave a comment

I appears that researchers at QUT‘s Programming Languages and Systems group are working on an implementation of Ruby for .NET. The “secret” is reveal on this page. The work is support by Microsoft Research. Davis Thomas also mentions it in an article about the emergence of agile languages. There seem to be no other sources of information at present.

It turns out that John Gough organised a birds of a feather for Implementing Dynamic Languages on the .NET CLR at the Dynamic Languages Symposium back in October (2005).

QUT is my old university and John Gough my was my favorite lecturer. I studied compiler construction under John and later wrote a small compiler under his supervision in C# targetting .NET (and using his book Compiling for the .NET CLR as a resource). It’s a small world. I’m working in the UK at the moment. The guy who sits next to me at work comes from South Africa. He studied under Pat Terry at Rhodes University. Pat is also a compiler guy. John and him were involved on the Modula-2 language commitee. Turn’s out that I used Pat’s Coco/R (C# version) on that project.

Ubuntu Breezy under VMware Player

December 7, 2005 Leave a comment

I tried the following instructions for getting Ubuntu working on VMwware Player

Instructions are for Ubuntu Hoary but worked fine for me. I installed this at work under Windows XP. Now I enjoy Linux goodness on the desktop at work :-). Hopefully this will annoy desktop support services a bit less than me repartitioning the disk and installing Ubuntu directy on the hardware. The downside is that it’s a bit sluggish. I haven’t tried Eclipse yet – still using my Windows version. The upside is that I can still read my Outlook based email and doing event/calendaring there and also access IE only intranet and Windows/IE only software like Mecury TestDirector.

Note that in order to install VMware toolbox to get copy/paste between host and guest working I have since installed a evaluation version of VMware workstation 5.5. Use the following instructions to get VMware toolbox installed.

Now that the tools are installed I should be able to go back to the free VMware Player – however I haven’t tried it yet!

All take a look at In fact take a look at the whole site

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Getting lost in the Wikipedia

December 4, 2005 Leave a comment

More and more lately, I’ve noticed myself reading the Wikipedia. It appears prominently in many of my Google searches. I’ve heard it critized because the content is not reviewed (some guy was bent out of shape about a comment about him being involved with the assasination of JFK – rightly so). Anyhow, I’ve only found the information excellent.

Get lost in the Wikipedia – some starting points: x86, UNCOL.

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