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Developer Testing with Kent Beck

January 24, 2005 1 comment

Check out this talk with Kent Beck about developer testing.

I’m worried about the distinction Kent tries to make between Quality and Healthy software. Kent’s decription of “healthy software” is what I think of as “quality software”.

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Hibernate in Action

January 1, 2005 Leave a comment

Finally finished Rod Johnson’s “J2EE Design and Development” afew weeks ago. I’ve plowed through the Hibernate doco and now I’m onto “Hibernate in Action”. I was surprised to find the following inane comment:

Doing away with Java and SQL and starting from scratch isn’t considered elegant.

Perhaps it could be elegant! Though not very practical…

I wasn’t surprised to see non-relational data management poo pooed. But rather than saying “only RDBMS are supported by Hibernate”, we get:

Are the relational data model and (especially) SQL the right choices for peristence in object-oriented application? We answer this question immediately: Yes! There are many reasons why SQL databases dominate the computing industry. Relational database management systems are the only proven data management technology and are almost always a requirement in any Java project.

Probably true if a little overstated. Hibernate certainly take a practical stance to object persistence.

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